Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday June 3rd 2014

Nancy finished her radiation treatments yesterday. There were a total 15 treatments that she has been receiving daily with the exception of weekends. The treatments seem to working as she is much less pain that when she began treatments.

She still is not pain free and the radiologist told her to keep taking the pain medication for a while longer. It has been another daily grind for her to head to the hospital each day, but she has handled it with great strength once again. We are grateful to all who have provided rides and kept her company.

She will still receive hormone treatments and an IV medicine to strengthen the bone once per month. In addition she is still taking Arimidex another cancer medication designed to keep the cancer at bay.

Her spirits are good, especially considering all she has been through.  We've been busy flower shopping and planting flowers in the back yard and getting it in shape. She also has been able to get out to dinner with friends. There have been a number of occasions where is very nauseous; likely caused by the radiation or the medications.

From this point we wait to make sure she has no pain develop anywhere else. The are no plans to do any more scans or tests if she remains pain free.

Thanks for all the support, prayers and cards.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday May 14th, 2014

Nancy has finally begun her radiation treatments for the pain in her back and side. The first treatment was on Monday May 12th. The waiting seemed like forever after we initially saw the radiologist a few weeks ago. The doctor first  recommended about 10 treatments, however on the lumbar area the doctor determined she was going to do 15 treatments.

 These are given daily with the exception of weekends. The treatments are at Christ Hospital and so far it had been very tolerable for her in terms of the amount of time it takes for the treatment.....roughly one hour from the time she gets signed in to the time she is finished.

The radiologist told us it may take up to eight treatments before the pain begins to subside; so almost two more weeks. The pain medication she is on doesn't relieve all of her pain, but without it she would be miserable. She is able to get out on rare occasions but for now is basically content to be at home to rest and is hopeful the radiation does its job.

All things considered Nancy's spirits are good. We're had the pleasure of seeing all five grandchildren over the last few weeks and that is always an energizer for us. Obviously Nancy can't pick them up but they are able to get up in her chair for some much needed hugs.

Once again we are blessed with a great family. Nancy's' sister has been coming over in the mornings and her mom in the afternoon...cooking diner for us almost every night! Our kids are pitching in as well and we are thankful for all they do. This disease affects everyone in the family.

We are thankful for all of the prayers and cards and well wishes, it all means so much in this time of need. We pray each morning that the Good Lord put his healing touch on Nancy that He may ease her pain and she may live a long and healthy life.

Thanks again for your support.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30th, 2014

I obviously have not updated Nancy's blog since November 2013. Nancy was finishing up radiation treatments and we thought all was well with nothing new to report.

Following the radiation we took a trip to Florida before Christmas for some much needed R&R. For the next several months Nancy was fighting fatigue from the radiation which is fairly common given the amount of radiation she had been given. The only other issue was some nagging lower back pain for which she typically used a heating pad to help. We took another trip to Florida with friends in March and all seemed to be getting better.

During early April Nancy noticed a very sharp pain under her arm that was concerning. She notified the doctor and after a blood test revealed her cancer marker trending up he ordered a bone scan. This revealed numerous "areas of concern" so he ordered a PET scan. The PET scan revealed cancer in the bone in numerous areas.

There are many areas down her spine and ribs, lumbar area and a few spots on the skull. For this reason he ordered a brain scan. The good news is there is no indication of cancer in the brain, liver or lungs, so we now just have to concentrate on the bone cancer.

This is now considered stage four cancer so the plan is to put the cancer into remission. If successful she can live many more years as the bone cancer in and of itself is not life threatening. So the plan is to receive hormone shots and also an medicine that will strengthen the bones. Both will be given once per month.  No chemo is planned at this time.

In addition, to treat the severe pain she will receive ten radiation treatments.  This will hopefully kill the cancer in that area. The are too many spots on the bones to treat them all with radiation so this treatment will only be given when she has pain. The doctor said the pain is caused by the muscles pulling at bone where there is cancer.

Today she is meeting with the radiologist to have the area "mapped out" and will likely start next week with the radiation treatments for ten days in a row excluding the weekend.

Nancy knew the next place breast cancer spreads is typically the bone, but we were optimistic this would not be the case with her. Unfortunately we were wrong.

Here spirits are okay; certainly affected by the pain in her lumbar area where it is hard to get comfortable. She is very relieved it has not spread to the organs.

Please keep the prayers coming and I will try to keep the blog updated as things progress.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday November 16th

Nancy has just finished her third week of radiation and has two weeks plus a few days left. She is very happy with the new process at the radiation facility in West Chester. The entire treatment takes about 30 minutes. This compared to 2 1/2 hours at the original treatments at Christ Hospital. The new technology of the equipment in West Chester makes all the difference.

There are a few side effects; most notably she is fatigued all of the time. The radiation combined with the six month wound battle have taken its toll. The other side effect is a very sore throat as a result of the radiation around the throat. She has experienced a lot of back pain; likely a result of laying on the radiation table.

She feels well enough to drive herself to radiation. She was able to get out and do some shopping over the last two weeks. She also is able to get out and have lunch and dinner out with family and friends.

She is looking forward to completing the radiation and get rested up for the Holidays. Thanks again to all who have been so generous and for the many prayers she has received.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ocober 29th 2013

Nancy has been cleared by the wound specialist to begin her radiation treatments. So today she will start a series of treatments that will be roughly six weeks in duration; five days per week.

The new radiation center in West Chester has a more modern machine that pinpoints the radiation and does it much more efficiently and in less time.

Needless to say she is anxious to get these treatments started and thus get this phase of treatments over with.

During her visit to the oncologist last week they did a blood test called CA27-29 cancer marker. Her score was favorable indicating no real concerns, so this is great news!

It was one year ago on October 10th, 2012 that Nancy received confirmation of the cancer. She has battled this like a true champion through all of the ups and downs and unexpected setbacks.

Once again we thank all those who have been praying for Nancy as we know the Good Lord is listening and helping her through this very difficult period.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Ocotber 7th 2013

Great news; after roughly five months and 75 Hyberbaric Oxygen treatments Nancy's wound specialist declared her wounds are healed and she no longer has to go to Christ Hospital for the treatments.

She has one more visit to the wound clinic to see if they will release her to the radiologist where she will be prepared for her treatments.

If approved she will have go for a simulation where they mark her body for the areas to be radiated. She will go to West Chester for this treatment because they have a more sophisticated machine than Christ Hospital to radiate the number of areas they need to treat.

Overall she is elated to be finished with the Hyperbaric treatments; however she continues to be fatigued. It has now been one year since discovering she had breast cancer and the fight has taken its toll. She wonders if the current medication she is on is contributing to the fatigue. Basically she is tired of being tired all of the time.

The goal is to have all treatments finished by Christmas and move on from there. We have a lot to look foward to with our new grand daughter and especially with our youngest daughter who just got engaged; the wedding is in October 2014. Lots of panning to do!

Thanks again to all who have been there for us in our time of need. Please keep the prayers coming.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week of Sept 1st & 8th

Nancy's wounds continue to heal and the skin graft packing is working. That is the good news. The bad news is she has been scheduled for 20 more Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments and that news was a disappointment to her. The amount of time and effort these treatments require have taken their toll on her. Nevertheless she is determined to finish this stage of treatment and move on to the radiation.

She has been able to get out more often and we went out on the boat a few times over the last few weeks. She went to the eye doctor for some new glasses and that has helped a lot.

Saturday 9/12 was the breast cancer run/walk for the cure down at the stadium. My daughters organized a "Team Perazzo" group including personalized T-shirts. We had a great turnout for the walk as our family and friends joined us for the walk. My oldest sister lost her battle about 14 years ago and my other sister is a survivor. So we had a lot of support and it was breathtaking to see so many people come together (maybe 250,000) to race/walk for the cure.

Nancy was determined to join in the walk and completed the 3 mile journey! I think she even surprised herself by doing so well in the walk.

Recently my nephew was fortunate enough to go to New Zealand to play rugby for several months. When he returned he bought back a photograph of the New Zealand rugby team all wearing "Team Nancy" bracelets....it is awesome.

Thanks again to everyone for the thoughts and prayers. No doubt the Good Lord is listening.